294 Billion Emails were sent daily in 2010 according to Radicati Group. With volume like that, it’s no surprise that the question for marketers has evolved from “should we use email?” to “how should we use email?”

Unfortunately, the answer for many has become untargeted, non-personalized batching and blasting. In fact, it’s estimated that 90% of today’s email is considered spam. Cutting through all of that clutter requires thinking past the send button to leverage a mix of tactics that will drive significant and measurable results from all of your marketing, not just email.

This guide is a checklist to compare your current email marketing technology against four core areas where marketing automation extends the power of email – audience targeting, automating marketing tactics, enabling sales and measuring results.


  1. Uncover a Well-Behaved Audience
    • Send relevant offers with Behavioral targeting.
  2. Don’t Duplicate, Automate
    • Manage repetitive tasks with technology, not time.
  3. Empower Sales
    • With tools, intelligence & better quality leads.
  4. See Beyond the Click
    • Measure data and dollars to drive growth.

Pushing Past Send – Ways to get more from Email Marketing

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