How Brands Will Thrive in the Age of Meaning.  The Winds of Change are Blowing.

Welcome to the age of meaning. This is a time of positive, constructive, and gratifying change that will impact every aspect of our economy, our society, and our culture. More specifically, this new era will affect how business visions are crafted, how brands are managed, and how marketing is executed.

This is a brilliantly written white paper from Emotive Brand,  a branding consultancy who truly understands that it’s not just about creating a brand; its’a about creating a mission that serves a deeper purpose.  As Holtaway writes:  “Whether focused on consumers or B2B customers, to prevail and prosper in the age of meaning, brands will unearth the meaning of the “what,” “how” and “why” of their brands – and start to inject more levels of meaningful across every aspect of their operation.”

In the age of meaning, it becomes the goal of business leaders, brand managers, and marketing executives to help people create new meaning in their lives.


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