New Leadership at Verlo Mattress Factory Stores Unifies Brand Vision

New Leadership at Verlo Mattress Factory Stores Unifies Brand Vision

When Schusterman was named president in February of this year, one of his tasks was to refresh the brand and better communicate Verlo’s unique value proposition. Over the past three months, Schusterman and his team conducted extensive research, identifying growth opportunities for franchisees.

Simplify Your “People” Systems

Is there really any difference between a leader of a Fortune 500 Corporation and a Social Enterprise or Non-Profit?

I love this article by Verne Harnish.  When re-reading it, I’m taken by the need for all leaders to remain focused on the mission, vision and values.  The constant pressure to make the quarterly numbers tends to push out the most important long-term growth mechanism which is ensuring that the company’s greatest asset is aligned, engaged, and  energized around the mission.


Once you have your core values, it’s the “repeating” of and living “consistent” with the firm’s values that’s the most difficult part of the process. A leader must go beyond merely posting the values on the wall and handing out plastic laminated cards. Here are eight ways to keep these values alive and simplify your people systems.

STORYTELLING Everybody enjoys a good story and most great leaders have taught through parable or storytelling. Identify some “legends” and current stories that represent each value. And stories provide the explanation for any core values that might seem unusual or cryptic on their own.


Sona MedSpa Launches New Website

Sona MedSpa Launches New Website

According to Schusterman, the new site was launched with three specific goals:

Education: Sona Medspa is dedicated to educating people about medical spa treatments and Sona’s specific concept and services. Medical spas are the middle ground between cosmetics and invasive surgery, and the new Web site is a resource to explain the treatments and technologies.

Search Engine and Consumer Friendly: To make the Web experience as convenient and friendly as one of our spas, visitors have the ability to take a virtual tour of the centers, call the local center right from their computer, and have the opportunity to schedule their personal phone consultation online.

“The new Web site is visually designed to replicate Sona MedSpa’s Sona Experience®,” says Schusterman. “The Sona medispa Experience is very spa-like and luxurious, so it was important to create the same classy ambience on our new site.”

Additionally, the site has also been engineered to be search engine-friendly, giving surfers easy access to the most recent information about Sona and the latest medical spa treatments.

Customized for Local Medical Spas: Sona is dedicated to its “Think Global. Act Local” philosophy. So while its national presence provides the experience and resources to bring the finest treatments and technologies to the market, the true focus is on the individual experience customers receive in each local Sona Medical Spa center. Therefore, each Sona MedSpa is provided a Web site, which is connected to the corporate site, but also provides the individual owners the flexibility to customize the application to reflect the people and services they provide at the local level. Visitors to Sona’s Web site can find the closest Sona location and view their current specials, promotions and services.